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Skokie Public Library has two primary locations where art is displayed: the foyer of the Mary Radmacher Room, ideal for smaller photographs and prints; and the East Lobby along with the landing of the second floor, suitable for larger scale pieces. Exhibits are typically displayed for six weeks at a time.

A list of links to art exhibits and museums in the Skokie area is provided below.

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Current and Coming Exhibits at Skokie Public Library

Are you interested in showing your work at the Library? Information regarding application for exhibit space is available online.

Web resourceSkokie Public Library's Permanent Art Collection

Skokie Public Library's art collection includes works by local artists as well nationally and internationally known painters and sculptors. Take a virtual tour of the collection, or visit the Library to explore the collection in person.

Current and Coming Exhibits

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Past Exhibits at Skokie Public Library

Architecture Exhibit for Kids

Web resourceBuild It! Architecture for Kids

The archKIDecture traveling exhibit is an independent educational project teaching children about architecture through a series of hands-on activities.

September and October 2004

Collection Exhibit

Korean Stamp Collection

A selection of Korean stamps from the collection of Jin Lee was displayed.

May 12 through June 28, 2005

Group Art Exhibits

Web resourceAtlas Artists

Six artists from Chicago's Atlas Senior Center displayed their artwork at the Library during Black History Month. Their work encompasses paintings in various media, sculpture, and textiles.

February 2009

Painting Exhibits

Web resourceTropical Expressions

In her paintings, Colombian painter Maria Isabel Lopera is particularly interested in exploring with color, using representational and abstract forms as a way to communicate her perception of reality. Her work is inspired by her Latin background and also from simple memories of moments, places, and people. She was awarded a BFA in Graphic Design from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellin, Colombia, and a Certificate in Painting from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago.

September 15 through October 19, 2007

"Expressions" by Miriam Horn

The work of this local artist was displayed.

April 1 through April 30, 2006

Web resourceMid-Career Retrospective of Gabriella Boros

The oil paintings of this local artist were displayed.

August 7 through September 8, 2005

Mikhail Kanevskiy: With Love To Nature and Architecture

This Skokie artist and architect was born in 1929 in Ukraine and immigrated to the United States in 1993. The exhibit was comprised of graphics and paintings in various mediums including watercolor, acrylic, and charcoal.

November 15 through November 27, 2004

Web resourceVasiliy Myazin: Quest for Harmony in a Disjointed World

More than thirty pieces from this colorful and passionate artist were displayed.

September 24 through October 15, 2004

The Work of Radunsky

The work of this prolific Russian painter was displayed.

August 21 through September 15, 2004

Web resourceNature's Harmony by Lydia Hwang

Chinese-American artist Lydia Hwang, also a staff member of Skokie Public Library, displayed her unique paintings, a beautiful melding of both Eastern and Western styles.

August 1 through 30, 2008 and May 4 through June 18, 2004

Traditional Korean Paintings by Young Ro Lee

The colorful and delicate brushwork of celebrated Korean Artist Young Ro Lee was displayed during Asian/Pacific-American Heritage Month.

May 3 through June 18, 2004

Web resourceBeach Series/Mexico Series by Ann Ponce

The beautifully detailed paintings of Ms. Ponce depict both the beauty of the people and land of Mexico, as well as the happy and relaxed patrons of Chicago beaches taking advantage of summer in the city.

April 4 through April 30, 2004

Work by Michael Imlay

Artist Michael Imlay's paintings and images were on display, reflecting odd, curious, aberrant aspects of human life. The images catch the eye and provoke the imagination.

April 4 through April 30, 2004

Web resourceMagic Realism: The Paintings of Larry Elliott

Painter and musician Larry Elliott presents paintings of a striking diversity in their complex subject matter, rich symbolism, compositional balance, rhythm, and harmony

January 5 through February 16, 2004

Paintings by Curt Frankenstein

Vivid paintings and lithographs by this celebrated artist were displayed.

November 22 through December 30, 2003

Photography Exhibits

Web resourceDecades of Change

Photographs of critical events in America and the lives of African Americans from the 1930s through the 1970s. Featured in The Skokie Review, February 11, 2010.

February 3 through April 2, 2010

Connecting Continents

Photography by Jon Lowenstein depicting the lives of students and teachers in a rural South African Community was displayed.

July 2 through 30, 2008

Julie R. Foreman Photography Exhibit: Tuscany

A selection of photos by local photographer Julie Foreman from her recent trip to Italy was displayed.

June 16 through July 12, 2006

Jim Coney

A variety of work by this local artist was shown.

June 8 through July 12, 2006

Firehouses Across America

Photographers John Allen and Gina Morri displayed their collection of firehouses from Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Arizona.

March 7 through March 31, 2006

Web resourceJesup, Iowa: Images from My Hometown

The work of local photographer Jack Demuth was displayed.

January 5 through March 17, 2006

Web resourceKorean War Photo Exhibition

The 55th anniversary of the Korean War was commemorated with a special exhibit.

June 25 through August 4, 2005

Web resourceStreet Scenes by Julie Foreman

A selection of photos by local photographer Julie Foreman was displayed.

March 8 through April 8, 2005

Web resourceVoices in the Hall: Photographs of Paul Revere School

Photographer Jon Lowenstein’s candid shots of Paul Revere School in Chicago were displayed.

February 1 through April 8, 2005

The History of the Japanese in America

The history of the Japanese in America as documented in a series of photographs. This exhibit was presented by the Japanese Information Center.

June 25 through July 31, 2004

Web resourceCuban Rhythms of Life by Kathy Konecki

Colorful and vivid portraits of life in Cuba were displayed.

February 18 through March 30, 2004

Sintra: Photographs by Russell B. Phillips

Color and black-and-white images of the Portuguese village of Sintra.

January 5 through February 16, 2004

Web resourceChicago Tribune Photo Exhibit: Finding Sanctuary

More than fifty photographs from the Chicago Tribune series, Finding Sanctuary, were on display chronicling the rhythm of daily life, family, a sense of place, and faith around the world after the chaos of September 11, 2001.

Early September through October 15, 2003

Special Exhibits

Web resourceChicago Calligraphy Collective

Works by members of the Chicago Calligraphy Collective were on display in the Library. At the close of the exhibit, members held a public demonstration of calligraphy tools and techniques.

January 3 through 30, 2010

The Quilting Librarians

Quilts created by Chicagoland librarians were displayed.

August 4 through September 7, 2008

Web resourceAlan Magee

Alan Magee began working as an editorial and book illustrator in New York. Among his regular clients were Time, Atlantic, Playboy, New York Magazine, The New York Times; and Bantam, Ballantine, and Simon & Schuster Books. During the 1970s Magee produced paintings for the covers of books by Graham Greene, Saul Bellow, Bernard Malamud, John Irving, Yukio Mishima, Stanley Elkin, John Neihardt, Ken Kesey, Agatha Christie, and many others. His illustrations received numerous awards including a National Book Award in 1982, Awards of Excellence from the Society of Illustrators and Communication Arts magazine, Playboy magazine’s Annual Editorial Award, and awards from the Art Directors Clubs of Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. A selection of prints and tapestry by the award-winning artist were displayed.

April 6 through May 5, 2008

Web resourceQuilt Exhibit

In celebration of Black History Month, colorful quilts by members of the Black Threads Collective were displayed.

February 1 through March 5, 2008

A Reason to Remember: Roth, Germany 1933-1942

This traveling exhibit, from the Hatikvah Holocaust Education Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, tells the personal story of five families who resided in a tiny rural village and what happened to them during the Nazi occupation. Through photographs, documents, artifacts, and personal testimonies, the story of these very real people is chronicled in exacting detail.

In 1933 Roth was a small village where approximately 500 people resided. Jews had been present in Roth for more than 300 years, and the five Jewish families that lived there in the years before Hitler rose to power were active in their community. They lived, worked, and played side by side with their neighbors.

The stark contrast between the ordinariness of their lives and the radical way in which their lives were changed by the Nazis and their collaborators provokes questions about the choices made by the victims as well as the perpetrators, collaborators, resistors, and bystanders.

The exhibit ends with the question: “Why Remember the Holocaust?” and the hope that remembering the past will help eliminate prejudice, hatred, and discrimination in today’s society.

October 2 through October 19, 2007

Web resourceHal Foster: Father of the Super Hero and Adventure Comics

This exhibit featured the genius of artist Hal Foster who started the whole tidal wave of adventure comics by drawing the first Tarzan strips during the 1930s. He also created Prince Valiant, an adventure comic familiar to many throughout the world that is virtually unknown in the Chicago area.

Skokie resident Sid Weiskirch created the exhibit. Mr. Weiskirch shared his considerable expertise in two free talks.

June 3 through July 22, 2007

Celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Works by members of the Chicago Korean American Artists' Association were displayed.

May 5 through May 30, 2007

Web resourceAn Artistic Discovery: 2008 Competition Finalists

The work of talented high school students from around the 9th Congressional District was displayed.

May 12 through May 30, 2008

Web resourceGuichard Gallery Show

Works from the Guichard Gallery in Bronzeville, featuring local, national, and international artists from the African Diaspora genre.

February 3 through February 28, 2007

Mahatma Gandhi: A Philatelic Presentation of His Life and Legacy

Major events in Mahatma Gandhi’s life as documented by more than seventy countries through stamps, postmarks, and cards were presented.

September 9 through October 8, 2006

The Work of Jae Bok Lee

Work from this prolific Korean artist were shown.

July 17 through August 5, 2006

Chicago YIVO: Family Singer exhibit

This thirty-panel photographic exhibit depicting the lives of the extraordinarily talented Yiddish writers -- the Singer family -- was sponsored by the Chicago YIVO Association.

July 24 through August 4, 2006

Web resourceAn Artistic Discovery: 2006 Competition Finalists

The work of talented high school students from around the 9th Congressional District was displayed.

May 16 through June 12, 2006

Web resourceOur World, Our Heritage, As Seen Through the Eyes of the Champions of Peace

Portraits and information about 20th Century world leaders who have dedicated their lives to promoting change in a peaceful manner were displayed. Featured leaders include Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., Lech Walesa, Desmond Tutu, Nelson Mandela, Aung San Suu Kyi from Burma, Jimmy Carter, Pope John Paul II, and the Dali Lama.

September 11 through October 7, 2005

Web resourceAn Artistic Discovery: 2005 Competition Finalists

The work of talented high school students from around the 9th Congressional District was displayed.

May 21 through June 17, 2005

Web resourceOriginal Art by Award-Winning Artist Bruce Brown

In celebration of Black History Month, Bruce Brown, a graduate of Illinois State University with a degree in Art, and specializing in Visual Communication/Illustration, displayed selected lithographs.

February 22 through March 28, 2004

Quilted Art: Fabrications

Artist Gwen Jones uses her professional art training to create stunningly rich works in the quilted fabric medium. Using fabric as a base, she adds netting, buttons, beads, and other materials to lend texture, shadows, and depth to her work. Ms. Jones is based in Chicago and Arizona and has exhibited at Northwestern, the Chicago Cultural Center, the Chicago Botanic Garden, and many area galleries.

August 1 through August 31, 2003

Immigrant Children: Changing Worlds

Created in 1996 in Chicago's ethnically diverse Albany Park neighborhood, this project is a compilation of art, photographs, and personal stories depicting the difficult and often confusing journey of immigrant families establishing a new life in the United States.

July 9 through August 14, 2003

Baren Woodblock Prints

More than forty woodblock prints from around the world were on display through collaboration with the [Baren] Exchange, an international online forum for woodblock printmakers. Local resident Julio Rodriguez is a member of the exchange and shared his extensive collection of prints with the public.

June 29 through August 20, 2003

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