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Tasha Alexander

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From a young age, Alexander’s parents, both philosophy professors, instilled a love of reading in her and this eventually led to her desire to write. Tasha Alexander attended the University of Notre Dame, where she studied English and Medieval History. She has lived in Amsterdam, London, Wyoming, Vermont, Connecticut, and Tennessee. In 2002, she started work on her first novel, which was published in 2005 and became the first installment of the Lady Emily series of historical mysteries. Since their marriage in 2010, Alexander and her husband, British author Andrew Grant, divide their time between Chicago and the UK.

What she writes: Alexander writes a series of historical mysteries featuring Lady Emily Ashton, a young Victorian widow who, after losing her husband, continually finds herself embroiled in mystery after mystery. Lady Emily is a plucky, full-of-life character whose life has not gone according to plan as yet. The books are set in the 1890s in cities across Europe. Her books have been New York Times bestsellers and because of her penchant for historical accuracy, Alexander was chosen to write the novel tie-in for the 2007 film Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Her work has been translated into more than a dozen languages.


List of works
Lady Emily series
  And Only to Deceive (2005)
  A Poisoned Season (2007)
  A Fatal Waltz (2008)
  Tears of Pearl (2009)
  Dangerous to Know (2010)
  A Crimson Warning (2011)
  Death in the Floating City (2012) - CD
  Behind the Shattered Glass (2013) - large type
  The Counterfeit Heiress (2014)
Other works
  Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)


Finalist for the Bruce Alexander Award for A Fatal Waltz and Tears of Pearl.
Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award Nominee for Historical Mystery for Tears of Pearl.

What the critics say
Regarding And Only to Deceive
"Elevates historical suspense admirable and literate debut novel..." - The Tennessean
"Alexander excels in depicting the social mores of a society uncomfortable with the independence of women, and deftly allows the plot to develop in tandem with Emily's growth." - The Baltimore Sun
"Fans of Anne Perry and Elizabeth Peters will welcome this debut novel." - The Baltimore Sun
Regarding A Poisoned Season
"...Highly enjoyable...readers looking for a lighter version of Anne Perry will be well rewarded" - Publishers Weekly
"Alexander has fashioned another mystery for Lady Emily Ashton and her cohorts to solve, and it's a dandy. Sometimes touching, sometimes funny and always absorbing, this Victorian-era mystery hits all the right notes." - Romantic Times
"An appealing, historically exacting and noteworthy story makes A Poisoned Season readable and enjoyable." - Nashville City Paper
Regarding A Fatal Waltz
"Alexander cleverly incorporates historical figures and events into a fictional story of European political intrigue, English society, Viennese culture, and plenty of genteel romantic chemistry. A wonderful choice for readers looking for a pleasant diversion from everyday troubles; recommended for all fiction collections" - Library Journal
"Sparkling wit...This is a captivating addition to the adventures of an irresistible Victorian iconoclast." - Booklist
"...Charming...the book's entertaining voice and accurateriod detail will seduce most readers." - Publishers Weekly
"How fun to find a woman sleuth who's not only smart and way ahead of her time, but also not afraid to be openly in love." - Romantic Times
Regarding Tears of Pearl
"The author deftly handles the exotic setting…." - Publishers Weekly
"Infused with wit and charm, with just the right amounts of danger, romance and detection blended in." - Denver Post
Regarding Dangerous to Know
"Historical mystery fans will adore the latest in Ms. Alexander's Lady Emily series" - Fresh Fiction
"Readers who enjoy historical mysteries with strong female characters will find much to enjoy here and will want to seek out Lady Emily’s earlier adventures." - Booklist
Regarding A Crimson Warning
"Enchanting...Alexander keeps readers guessing to the very end" - Publishers Weekly
"The mystery and the solution are clever, with the addition of commentary on the dark side of a class-driven society for extra oomph. Fans will be excited to spend more quality time with such appealing and intelligent characters." - Library Journal
Regarding Death in the Floating City
"...authoritative depictions of Venice's history, atmosphere and culinary delights... the story glides along as smoothly as a gondola. Lady Emily travels well." - Kirkus Reviews
Regarding Behind the Shattered Glass
"...Entertaining…readers will relish Alexander’s lyrical evocation of British landscapes and her gift for crafting engaging characters" - Publishers Weekly
"This delightful addition to Alexander’s Victorian series, with its requisite cast of aristocrats, locals, and disgruntled staff, is an eminently readable romantic puzzler." - Booklist
"Fans will enjoy the series return to Anglemore Park and its cast of characters. Newcomers will relish the upstairs-downstairs plotlines and Lady Emily's particular talent at interrogation." - Library Journal
"Fortunately, no one can solve the murder more graciously and expeditiously than Lady Emily Hargreaves." - Kirkus Reviews


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