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Joe Gores

Joe Gores was born in Rochester, Minnesota in 1931 and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Dori. Before becoming a writer, he had a long and colorful list of jobs including teaching in Kenya, spending years in private investigation, a stint in the Army, and time working in a carnival. These have undoubtedly provided Joe Gores with characters and experiences that helped guide his successful fiction.

What he writes: Joe Gores' writing career includes scripts for Kojak, Columbo, Magnum, P.I., and Remington Steele. His fiction centers on "stand alone" thrillers, short stories, and the DKA (Dan Kearney Associates) mysteries. In this highly regarded series an eccentric group of repo men, led by Dan Kearny, are constantly trying to outwit the thieves, payment skippers, grafters, and conmen of the San Francisco area. While his standalone fiction is dead-on serious, humor often invades the DKA series. Marilyn Stasio of the New York Times Book Review describes 32 Cadillacs as a "fall-down-funny account of how the gypsies and the repo men lock wits and bump fenders over that fleet of hot cars."

List of works
  A Time of Predators (1969) Mostly Murder (1992)
  Marine Salvage (1971) Dead Man (1993)
  Strange Bedfellows (1972) Menaced Assassin (1994)
  Interface (1974) Cases (1999)
  Hammett (1975) Double Header (2000)
  Come Morning (1986) Glass Tiger (2006)
  Wolf Time (1989)  
Dan Kearney & Associates (DKA) Series
  Dead Skip (1972) 32 Cadillacs (1992)
  Final Notice (1973) Contract Null & Void (1996)
  Gone, No Forwarding (1978) Cons, Scams & Grifts (2001)
  Interface (1974) Paper Crimes (1978)
  Deadfall (1976) Paradise Road (1978)
  Hammett (1982) Golden Gate (1978)


Three-time Mystery Writers of America's Edgar Award winner for Best First Novel (A Time of Predators (1969)), Best Short Story (1969), and Best TV Series Segment (1975). Also, Japan's Maltese Falcon Award (1986).

What the critics say
"Gores has the distinction of winning the MWA Edgar in three categories: for his debut novel, A Time of Predators, a short story and a TV film. He is at the top of his form..." - Publishers Weekly (March 14, 1990)
"One of the very few authentic private eyes to enter the field of fiction since Dashiell Hammett..." - Anthony Boucher
"This fourth book [32 Cadillacs] in his series about Daniel Kearney Associates, a San Francisco private investigation firm specializing in auto repossession, displays his skill in managing a large cast and variety of subplots; Gore's own experiences in a firm very much like DKA lend an air of verisimilitude to the often hilarious goings-on." - Publishers Weekly (December 1992)
"The private eye procedural is Gore's specialty, and maybe his invention." - San Francisco Chronicle


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