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Kerry Greenwood

Photo of Kerry Greenwood

Greenwood was born in 1954 in Australia. Although she came from a poor family her mother was a booklover so there were always books in the household. After attending high school she applied to law school at Melbourne University so she could help the disadvantaged. In addition to practicing law, she enjoyed writing novels for fun. She says she hopes her reader will have “an easier mind” after reading her work for she aims to “…amuse and comfort.” Two of the authors she most admires are Dorothy Sayers and P G Wodehouse.

In addition to her popular mysteries series, she has written plays, children’s books, science fiction, historical fiction, and a book of essays entitled Things She Loves: Why Women Kill.

What she writes: Phryne Fisher, the young, glamorous, single, and wealthy PI, has beautiful clothes and drives a red sports car. She lives a lavish life style in 1920’s Melbourne and finds that her career as a private detective gives her the adventure she craves in the historical mysteries listed below. Greenwood's other series features Corinna Chapman as the main character. Corinna doesn’t live the high life or flit around in glamorous attire like Phryne, but owns a Melbourne bakery called Earthly Delights and lives in an apartment building along with a cast of colorful, eccentric characters and felines.


List of works
Phyrne Fisher historical mysteries
  Cocaine Blues (1989) Away With the Fairies (2001)
  Flying Too High (1990) Murder in the Montparnasse (2002)
  Murder on the Ballarat Train (1991) The Castlemaine Murders (2003)
  Death at Victoria Dock (1992) Queen of the Flowers (2004)
  The Green Mill Murder (1993) Death by Water (2005)
  Blood and Circuses (1994) Murder in the Dark (2006)
  Ruddy Gore (1995) Murder on a Midsummer Night (2008)
  Urn Burial (1996) Dead Man's Chest (2010)
  Raisins and Almonds (1997) Unnatural Habits (2012)
  Death Before Wicket (1999)  
Corinna Chapman mysteries
  Earthly Delights (2004) Trick or Treat (2007)
  Heavenly Pleasures (2005) Forbidden Fruit (2009)
  Devil's Food (2006) Cooking the Books (2011)


Ned Kelly Award from the Crime Writers Association of Australia.
Davitt Award from The Sisters in Crime Australia.

What the critics say
"Impressive as she may be, Phryne Fisher, her activities and her world are never cloying thanks to Greenwood’s witty, slightly tongue-in-cheek prose. As usual, it’s a delightful, frothy, indulgent escape with an underlying bite." - Otago Daily Times
"Corinna is “poles apart from Greenwood’s popular heroine Phryne Fisher…but equally delightful." - Kirkus Reviews


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