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Sujata Massey


Sujata Massey was born in 1964 in Sussex, England. Her father was Indian and her mother, German.  When she was five years old her family moved to the United States where she graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 1986 and worked as a journalist for the Baltimore Evening Sun newspaper.  Massey spent two years living in Yokohama with her husband, Tony, a Navy medical officer.  It was there that she created the Rei Shimura character who is part Caucasian, part Asian.  The Salaryman’s Wife was published two years later in 1997.  Massey now lives in Baltimore with her husband and two children.  She travels to Japan each year to retain her knowledge of the Japanese culture.

What she writes: While living in Japan, Massey was fascinated with Japanese culture and history and decided to combine that interest with her love of mystery stories.  Like Massey, the character Rei Shimura is multicultural, born in California to a Japanese father and an American mother.  The author is intrigued by the endless possibilities of storylines that come from a mixed background.  Her other characters are from many races, ages, and religions and have varying social, political, and sexual orientations.  The author speaks to this on her website: “In the end, my sleuth and I both share a belief that everyone is human, no matter how badly he or she behaves.”

List of works
The Rei Shimura Series
  The Salaryman’s Wife (1997) The Bride’s Kimono (2001)
  Zen Attitude (1998) The Samurai’s Daughter (2003)
  The Flower Master (1999) The Pearl Diver (2004)
  The Floating Girl (2000) The Typhoon Lover (2005)
Awards and nominations
The Salaryman's Wife
          Winner, Agatha Award for Best First Novel
          Winner, Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original
          Nominee, Barry Award for Best First Mystery
          Nominee, Macavity Award for Best First Mystery
The Flower Master
          Winner, Macavity Award for Best Novel
          Nominee, Agatha Award for Best Novel
Zen Attitude
          Nominee, Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original
          Nominee, Anthony Award for Best Paperback Original
The Floating Girl
          Nominee, Agatha Award for Best Novel
The Bride's Kimono
          Nominee, Agatha Award for Best Novel
The Samurai's Daughter
          Nominee, Simon & Schuster - Mary Higgins Clark Award
The Pearl Diver
          Nominee, Agatha Award for Best Novel


What the critics say
“Author Sujata Massey debuts with a highly original and fresh new voice guaranteed to garner her many fans. Top notch romantic suspense with a fascinating cross-cultural edge! Rating: 4 (Excellent).” — Jill M. Smith, Romantic Times, September 1997
Zen Attitude is simply splendid... Massey, an Agatha winner for The Salaryman's Wife, is a gifted storyteller who delivers strong characters, a tight plot and an inside view of Japan and its culture. This paperback original is one of the summer's best deals.” — Katy Kelly, USA Today, May 28, 1998
“Rei is a fascinating character: bold, unique, spirited and intelligent... Massey makes good use of the clash between American and Japanese cultures as a backdrop for an enjoyable story.” — David J. Montgomery, Chicago Sun-Times, October 16, 2005


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