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G.A. McKevett

Photo of Sonja Massie, aka G.A. McKevett

G.A. McKevett (1952- ) is a pseudonym for the author Sonja Massie. Massie has published over fifty works, beginning in 1986, including Irish historicals and contemporary thrillers. She is the author of the best-selling novelization of the movie Far and Away starring Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise and Ron Howard, as well as two nonfiction books about Ireland. She has taught literature and writing, worked in publishing, and has worked extensively as a ghostwriter for celebrities. She has lived in Los Angeles, Toronto, County Kerry, Ireland, and, currently, in Long Island, New York with her husband and cat. She enjoys Irish music and Celtic bead needle art.

What she writes: McKevett writes the Savannah Reid mystery series, beginning with Just Desserts. Savannah is a sweet-toothed, witty, feisty southerner from Georgia. After being fired from a southern California police force, Savannah strikes out on her own with her Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency. These mysteries feature fast-paced plots with off-beat characters, humor, and nuggets of insight on human nature.


List of works
Savannah Reid series
  Just Desserts (1995) Murder à la Mode (2004)
  Bitter Sweets (1996) Corpse Suzette (2006)
  Killer Calories (1997) Fat Free and Fatal (2007) - Large Type
  Cooked Goose (1998) Poisoned Tarts (2008)
  Sugar and Spite (2000) A Body to Die For (2009) - Large Type - eBook
  Sour Grapes (2001) Wicked Craving (2010)
  Peaches and Screams (2002) A Decadent Way to Die (2011) - Large Type
  Death by Chocolate (2003) Buried in Buttercream (2012) - Large Type - eBook
  Cereal Killer (2004) Killer Honeymoon (2013)
What the critics say
Regarding Bitter Sweets - "Savannah is the main draw here, with her wicked humor, intrusive appetite, and quintessential Southern sensibilities." - Library Journal
Regarding Cooked Goose - "It's hard not to like Savannah Reid, a large woman with appetites, emotions and attitudes to match." - Publishers Weekly
Regarding Sugar and Spite - "Romping good fun, and don't forget the chocolates." - Booklist
Regarding Sugar and Spite - "Delightful and spunky, California private detective Savannah Reid, always enticed by food, turns her talents toward clearing her ex-partner of the murder of his ex-wife. Never a dull moment." -Library Journal
Regarding Cereal Killer - "Food lore, a good puzzle, an exciting climax and cats with their therapeutic purring all add to the fun." - Publishers Weekly


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