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Miriam Grace Monfredo

Photo of Miriam Grace MonfredoBiography
Miriam Grace Monfredo is a former research librarian and historian. She lives in Rochester, New York.

What she writes: Monfredo’s mystery series features unmarried librarian and feminist, Glynis Tryon, and is set in upstate New York in the mid-1800s. Glynis is a passionate believer in women’s rights and she is drawn into solving crimes as she struggles on their behalf. Historical accuracy is evident in this fast-paced series, with plenty of period detail. The mysteries have a real sense of authenticity, even using actual historic figures like Elizabeth Cady Stanton as characters. Glynis is an engaging heroine, independent and principled, and the issues of her day are compellingly portrayed.


List of works
Glynis Tryon series
  Seneca Falls Inheritance (1992) Must the Maiden Die (1999)
  North Star Conspiracy (1993) Sisters of Cain (2000)
  Blackwater Spirits (1995) Brothers of Cain (2001)
  Through a Gold Eagle (1996) Children of Cain (2002)
  The Stalking Horse (1998)  


Nominated for the Agatha Award for Best First Novel, Malice Domestic; and the Macavity Award for Best First Novel, Mystery Readers International; both in 1993, and both for Seneca Falls Inheritance.

What the critics say
An "intricately plotted, historically vivid, thoroughly satisfying mystery." - Publishers Weekly
"The plot delivers lots of juicy history and mystery and a convincing, full-bodied flavor of the times." - Armchair Detective


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