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Bill Pronzini

Phot of Bill PronziniBiography
Bill Pronzini, born April 13, 1943 in Petaluma, California, is a prolific author of detective novels. In addition to his own works he has collaborated with his third wife Marcia Muller on several novels. He has also compiled extensive anthologies in the genres of mystery, westerns, and science fiction. In addition to being the first president of the Private Eye Writers of America, Pronzini has worked hard to keep pulp fiction and PI stories popular.

What he writes: Bill Pronzini is best known for his novels in the Nameless Detective series. In his novels, plot takes a back seat to character building, which is rare in the world of mystery fiction. Light on violence, but tough on crime, Pronzini’s novels and short stories have received many awards.


List of works
Nameless Detective series
  The Snatch (1971) Demons (1993)
  The Vanished (1973) Hardcase (1995)
  Undercurrent (1973) Spadework (short stories) (1996)
  Blowback (1977) Sentinels (1996)
  Twospot (1978) Illusions (1997)
  Labyrinth (1980) Boobytrap (1998) - large type
  Hoodwink (1981) Crazybone (2000) - large type
  Scattershot (1982) Bleeders (2002)
  Dragonfire (1982) Spook (2003)
  Bindlestiff (1983) Scenarios (short stories) (2005)
  Quicksilver (1984) Nightcrawlers (2005) - CD
  Nightshades (1984) Mourners (2006)
  Double (with Marcia Muller) (1984) Savages (2007) - CD
  Bones (1985) Fever (2008)
  Deadfall (1986) Schemers (2009)
  Shackles (1988) Betrayers (2010) - CD
  Jackpot (1990) Camouflage (2011) - CD
  Breakdown (1991) Hellbox (2012) - CD
  Quarry (1992) Nemesis (2013)
  Epitaphs (1992) Strangers (2014)
John Quincannon series
  Quincannon (1985) - large type
  Beyond the Grave (with Marcia Muller) (1986)
Carpenter and Quincannon series
  The Bughouse Affair (with Marcia Muller) (2013) - CD
Standalone novels
  The Stalker (1971)
  Panic! (1972)
  Snowbound (1974)
  Dead Run (as Jack Foxx) (1975)
  Freebooty (as Jack Foxx) (1976)
  The Running of Beasts (with Barry N. Malzberg)(1976)
  Masques (1981)
  Duel at Gold Buttes (as William Jeffrey with Jeffrey Wallmann) (1981) - large type
  The Gallows Land (1983) - large type - eAudiobook
  Starvation Camp (1984) - large type - eAudiobook
  The Eye (with John Lutz) (1984)
  The Lighthouse (with Marcia Muller) (1986)
  The Last Days of Horse-Shy Halloran (1987)
  The Jade Figurine(1991)
  Carmody's Run (1993)
  With an Extreme Burning (1994)
  Blue Lonesome (1995)
  A Wasteland of Strangers (1997)
  Carpenter and Quincannon: Professional Detective Services (1998)
  Nothing But the Night (1999)
  In an Evil Time (2001)
  All the Long Years(2001)
  Step to the Graveyard Easy (2002)
  The Alias Man (2004)
  The Crimes of Jordan Wise (2006) - large type - CD
  The Other Side of Silence (2008)
  The Hidden (2010)
  Midnight Specials: An Anthology for Train Buffs and Suspense Aficionados (1977)
  1001 Midnights: The Aficionado's Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction (1986)


In 1987, Bill Pronzini won The Eye, the Lifetime Achievement Award presented by The Private Eye Writers of America. He has been nominated three times by the Mystery Writers of America for an Edgar Award, and received their Grand Master designation in May 2008.

What the critics say
"One of the best in the mystery-suspense field." - The Washington Post Book World
"Pronzini is a pro at PI Fiction: he never cheats on the reader, respecting the conventions of the hard-boiled detective stories and puzzle mysteries he employs so well." - Library Journal
"Pronzini is a greatly gifted storyteller who never fails to deliver topflight entertainment." - The San Diego Union-Tribune


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