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SJ Rozan


SJ Rozan was born and raised in Bronx, New York. She received a B.A. from Oberlin College and a Masters in Architecture from SUNY at Buffalo. She has worked as a janitor, self defense instructor, photographer, and as an architect in a practice specializing in police stations and firehouses. She lives in lower Manhattan, enjoys basketball, and is a fan of the New York Knicks.

What she writes: In her award-winning series featuring two private detectives, Rozan shows many of the neighborhoods of New York through the eyes of Lydia Chin and Bill Smith. Lydia, a young Chinese American, lives at home with her strong-willed widowed mother. Bill is an older, more experienced investigator, divorced, an amateur pianist living above a bar in Tribeca. Each book is written from either Lydia's or Bill's point of view.

Absent Friends, a standalone title, centers on a group of friends from childhood in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.


List of works
Lydia Chin and Bill Smith Series
  China Trade (1994) A Bitter Feast (1998)
  Concourse (1995) Stone Quarry (1999)
  Mandarin Plaid (1996) Reflecting the Sky (2001)
  No Colder Place (1997) Winter and Night (2004)
  Absent Friends (2004)


Anthony Award for Best Novel, 1997, for No Colder Place; Edgar Award for Best Short Story, 2002, for “Double-Crossing Delancy;” Shamus Award for Best Private Eye Novel, 2002, for Reflecting the Sky; Edgar, Nero, and Macavity awards, 2003, for Winter and Night.


What the critics say
Lydia Chin and Bill Smith Series
“As usual, it's a fast-paced, rip-roaring ride. Great characters, intricate plotting, and an exotic locale, beautifully described -- Who could ask for anything more? This is definitely a don't-miss book in a don't miss series.” — Booklist, 12/15/2000 — starred review
“Rozan is an architect, and the structure of this book sets a high standard. Every twist of the plot rises from a foundation of truthful emotions and motives solidly rooted in the characters' cultures. Every bit of humor and evocative description serves the action; there's not a smidgen of clunky exposition as the Chin-Smith relationship continues to grow and fascinate.” — Publishers Weekly, 1/15/2001  
Regarding Absent Friends
“Rozan shifts among several narrators and between present and past in this riveting offering reminiscent of Dennis Lehane's Mystic River (2001). An unforgettable elegy to the clear September morning that forever changed our lives.” — Booklist, 9/1/2004
“Many years from now when your children ask what New York City was like just after 9/11, this will be the book you give them in response. It's an exquisite novel full of heart, soul, passion and intelligence, and it's the one this great New York author was born to write.” — Lee Child


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