Adoption in Fiction

Some of the best novels involve family ties.  These titles focus on adoption and illustrate how the word “family” can take on many meanings. All of these titles can be found in the Adult Fiction section unless otherwise noted.

Barron, Sandra Rodriguez. Stay With Me. 2010.

Becker, Geoffrey. Hot Springs. 2010.

Box, C. J. Three Weeks to Say Goodbye. 2008. (Adult Mystery BOX).

Brown, Sandra. Long Time Coming. 1988. (Adult Romance BRO).
     Also available: Large Type, CD

Christopher, Nicholas. A Trip to the Stars. 2000.

D’Amato, Barbara. White Male Infant. 2002. (Adult Mystery DAM).

Delinsky, Barbara. Suddenly. 1993.
     Also available: Large Type

Gaskell, Whitney. When You Least Expect It. 2010.

Gerrold, David. The Martian Child. 2002.

Goudge, Eileen. Taste of Honey. 2002.
     Also available: Large Type

Gowda, Shilpi Somava. Secret Daughter. 2010.
     Also available: CD

Hagen, George. The Laments. 2004.

Hatcher, Robin Lee. Firstborn. 2002.

Hoffman, Chandra. Chosen. 2010.

Hood, Ann. The Red Thread. 2010.

Jackson, Lisa. Running Scared. 2010.

James, P. D. Innocent Blood. 1980. (Adult Mystery JAM).

Jen, Gish. The Love Wife. 2004.

Kagan. Elaine. Somebody’s Baby. 1998.

Kingsbury, Karen. Like Dandelion Dust. 2006.

Leavitt, Caroline. Girls in Trouble. 2004.

Lee, Marie G. Somebody’s Daughter. 2005.

Lipman, Elinor. Then She Found Me. 1990.
     Also available: CD

MacDonald, Patricia J. Mother’s Day. 1994. (Adult Mystery MAC).

Mazzarella, Nicole. This Heavy Silence. 2005.

McAuley, Roisin. Singing Bird. 2004.

Merrell, Susan Scarf. A Member of the Family. 2000.

Moore, Lori. A Gate at the Stairs. 2009.
     Also available: CD

Morrison, Toni. A Mercy. 2008.
    Also available: Large Type, CD

Morton. Kate. The Forgotten Garden. 2008.

Pritchett, Laura. Sky Bridge. 2005.

Scottoline, Lisa. Look Again. 2009.
    Also available: Large Type, CD

Trollope, Joanna. Brother and Sister. 2004.

Tyler, Anne. Digging to America. 2008.
    Also available: eBook, Digital Player

Umrigar, Thrity N. The Weight of Heaven. 2009.
    Also available: Large Type

Unger, Lisa. Beautiful Lies. 2006.
    Also available: Large Type, CD

Willard, Katie. Raising Hope. 2005.

Wingate, Lisa. A Thousand Voices. 2007.

Wood, Summer. Wrecker. 2011.