Comic Lives

Looking for an amusing biography? These professional funny-men and -women tell their life stories in a way guaranteed to make you laugh. All of these titles are located in the Adult Nonfiction section of the Library.

Anderson, Louie. The F Word: How to Survive Your Family. 2002. (B A5477.f).

Brand, Russell. My Booky Wook: A Memoir of Sex, Drugs, and Stand-Up. 2009. (792.23
     Also available: eBook

Buchwald, Art. I'll Always Have Paris: A Memoir. 1996. (B B9218.i).

Carlin, George. Last Words. 2009. (B C2824.La).
     Also available: Large Type, CD

Crystal, Billy. 700 Sundays. 2005. (792.7
     Also available: Large Type

Dangerfield, Rodney. It’s Not Easy Bein’ Me: A Lifetime of No Respect but Plenty of Sex and Drugs. 2004. (B
     Also available: Large Type

Diller, Phyllis. Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse: My Life in Comedy.
2005. (B D57835.Li).

Essman, Susie. What Would Susie Say?: Bullshit Wisdom about Love, Life, and Comedy. 2009. (B E788.wh).

Ferguson, Craig. American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of an Unlikely Patriot. 2009. (B
     Also available: Large Type, eAudiobook

Fisher, Carrie. Wishful Drinking. 2008. (B F53325.wi).
     Also available: CD

Gelbart, Larry. Laughing Matters: On Writing M-A-S-H, Tootsie, Oh, God!, and a Few Other Funny Things. 1998. (812.54 G314.La).
     Also available: Large Type

Griffin, Kathy. Official Book Club Selection: A Memoir According to Kathy Griffin.
2009. (B G8515.of).

Hope, Bob. Bob Hope: My Life in Jokes. 2003. (B

King, Alan. Name Dropping: The Life and Lies of Alan King. 1996. (B

Klein, Robert. The Amorous Busboy of Decatur Avenue: A Child of the Fifties Looks Back. 2005. (B

Lange, Artie. Too Fat to Fish. 2008. (792.7028092 L).

Leachman, Cloris. Cloris. 2009. (B L4341.Cl).
     Also available: Large Type

Leguizamo, John. Pimps, Hos, Playa Hatas, and All the Rest of My Hollywood Friends: My Life. 2006. (B L5215.pi).

Leno, Jay. Leading with My Chin. 1996. (B L5695.Le).

Lopez, George. Why You Crying?: My Long, Hard Look at Life, Love, and Laughter. 2004. (B L86427.wh).

Martin, Steve. Born Standing Up: A Comic’s Life. 2007. (792.7028092 M).
     Also available: CD

Newhart, Bob. I Shouldn’t Even Be Doing This!: And Other Things That Strike Me as Funny. 2006. (792.7028 N).
     Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook

Poundstone, Paula. There’s Nothing in This Book That I Meant to Say. 2006.

Rickles, Don. Rickles’ Book. 2007. (792.7028092 R).
     Also available: Large Type

Rivers, Joan. Bouncing Back: I’ve Survived Everything . . . and I Mean Everything . . . and You Can Too! 1997. (B
     Also available: Large Type

Shepherd, Sherri. Permission Slips: Every Woman’s Guide to Giving Herself a Break. 2009. (B

Stiller, Jerry. Married to Laughter: A Love Story Featuring Anne Meara. 2000.
     Also available: Large Type