Regency Redux

The highly structured society of Jane Austen’s England, 1811-1820, is the setting for these witty novels of manners and social consequence written by contemporary authors. All of these titles are located in the Adult Romance section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Balogh, Mary. Miss Martin’s School for Girls series: Simply Unforgettable. 2005. Also available: Large Type, CD

Balogh, Mary. Bedwyn Family series: A Summer to Remember. 2002. Also available: Large Type

Beverley, Jo. Company of Rogues series: An Arranged Marriage. 1991.

Chesney, Marion. Six Sisters series: Minerva. 1982.

Chesney, Marion. A House for the Season series: The Miser of Mayfair. 1986.

Chesney, Marion. Daughters of Mannerling series: The Banishment. 1995.

Chesney, Marion. School for Manners series: Refining Felicity. 1988.

Cummings, Monette. The Beauty’s Daughter. 1985.

Darcy, Clare. Letty. 1980.

Ewing, Jean R. Virtue’s Reward. 1995.

Fairchild, Elisabeth. Valentine’s Change of Heart. 2003.

Feather, Jane. A Wicked Gentleman. 2007. Also available: Large Type

Foley, Gaelen. Her Every Pleasure. 2008.

Hendrickson, Emily. Drusilla’s Downfall. 2003.

Hern, Candice. In the Thrill of the Night. 2006.

Hern, Candice. Lady Be Bad. 2007.

Heyer, Georgette. Black Sheep. 1966.

Heyer, Georgette. Lady of Quality. 1972.

Heyer, Georgette. Venetia. 2006.

Kelly, Carla. Mrs. Drew Plays Her Hand. 1994.

Kerstan, Lynn. Dangerous Passions. 2005.

Kingsley, Mary. The Rake’s Reward. 1991.

Layton, Edith. To Wed a Stranger. 2003.

MacKenzie, Sally. The Naked Gentleman. 2008.

Metzger, Barbara. Wedded Bliss. 2004.

Michaels, Kasey. A Reckless Beauty. 2007.

Michaels, Kasey. Beware of Virtuous Women. 2006. Also available: eBook

Putney, Mary Jo. Petals in the Storm. 1993.

Putney, Mary Jo. The Marriage Spell. 2006. Also available: Large Type

Quinn, Julia. The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever. 2007.
Also available: CD, eBook

Richardson, Evelyn. A Foreign Affair. 2003.

Savery, Jeanne. The Family Matchmaker. 2003.

Simonson, Sheila. Love and Folly. 1988.

Smith, Joan. Lace for Milady. 1980. Also available: Large Type

Veryan, Patricia. Sanguinet’s Crown. 1985. Also available: Large Type