Academic Mysteries

When death stalks those hallowed halls of ivy it is often the professors, teachers, or students who must find the culprits... or maybe THEY are the culprits. Enjoy some of these fine mysteries with an academic setting.  All of these titles are located in the Adult Mystery section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Borthwick, J. S. The Student Body. 1986.

Bowen, Gail. Deadly Appearances: A Joanne Kilbourn Mystery. 1990.

Connor, Beverly. Dressed to Die. 1998.

Crider, Bill. A Bond With Death. 2004.

Crispin, Edmund. The Moving Toyshop. 1946.

Cross, Amanda. The Puzzled Heart. 1998.
     Also available: Large Type

Davis, Lindsey. Alexandria: A Marcus Didius Falco Novel. 2009.
     Also available: CD

Dexter, Colin. The Daughters of Cain. 1994.
     Also available: Large Type

Dobson, Joanne. The Northbury Papers. 1998.

Edwards, Ruth. Matricide at St. Martha's. 1994.

Finch, Charles. The September Society. 2008.

Gaus. P.L. Separate from the World. 2008.

George, Elizabeth. For the Sake of Elena. 1992.

Gregson, J.M. An Academic Death. 2001.

Holtzer, Susan. Bleeding Maize and Blue. 1996.

Jones, D. J. H. Murder at the MLA. 1993.

Kelly, Nora. Bad Chemistry. 1993.

Lake, M. D. Once Upon a Crime. 1995.

Langton, Jane. The Deserter: Murder at Gettysburg. 2003.

Lavender, Will. Obedience: A Novel. 2008. (Adult Fiction LAV).

Levison, Iain. Dog Eats Dog. 2006. (Adult Fiction LEV).

MacLeod, Charlotte. Rest You Merry. 1978.

Malliet, G. M. Death at the Alma Mater. 2010.

McInerny, Ralph. The Green Revolution. 2008.

McInerny, Ralph. Lack of the Irish. 1998.

Michaels, Barbara. Houses of Stone. 1993. (Adult Fiction MIC).
     Also available: Large Type

Neel, Janet. Death Among the Dons. 1993.

Osborn, David. Murder on the Chesapeake. 1992.

Palmer, William J. The Dons and Mr. Dickens. 2000.

Raphael, Lev. Burning Down the House. 2001.

Robinson, Lillian. Murder Most Puzzling. 1998.

Rosenthal, Erik. Advanced Calculus of Murder. 1988.

Shaber, Sarah. The Bug Funeral. 2004.

Skom, Edith. The Charles Dickens Murders. 1998.

Stott, Rebecca. Ghostwalk. 2007.
     Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook

Thomas-Graham, Pamela. Blue Blood: An Ivy League Mystery. 1999.

Willett, Jincy. The Writing Class. 2008.

Wright, Sally. Code of Silence. 2008.