Location, Location, Location

Appalachian Fiction
Known for its natural beauty, the Appalachian region stretches from southern New York to northern Mississippi. The following titles span a large amount of time but share the rich Appalachian heritage.
Caribbean Fiction
The countries and territories of the West Indies have histories and cultures that provide rich fodder for fiction. These novels are set in Antigua, Barbados, Dominica, Jamaica, and Trinidad.
Cooler by the Lake
Remember those hazy days of summer when you would go away to the lake to find solace, fun, or maybe a little romance? Pick up one of these books where a lake figures prominently.
Far Eastern Fiction
Set in Hong Kong, Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan, and Tibet, these are recently published novels by Asian and Western authors.
Fiction from Down Under
From established writers to new voices, from literary fiction to crime novels, these are some of the most exciting titles set in Australia and written by Australian novelists in the 21st century.
Fiction Set in China
Find some new and old favorites in these novels set in China that range from ancient to modern times.
Fiction Set in France
Whether you fancy mystery, romance, humor or historical fiction, the following books will whisk you away to the land of Paris and Provence, no passport required.
Fiction Set in Italy
From Sicily to Florence, from the Middle Ages to present day, the settings for all these books is Italia.
Irish Tales
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day year-round by reading one of these books by Irish authors about the Irish.
Japanese Fiction
Rich in history and culture, Japan is an evocative setting. The following books all take place in the Land of the Rising Sun.
Mexican Fiction
Head south of the border with one of these Mexican fiction titles.
Murder in Faraway Places
Enjoy these crime stories set in distant lands.
Nonfiction for Francophiles
Interested in France and all things French? Enjoy a bit of cultural immersion with one of these titles.
Novels of 20th and 21st Century Egypt
There's more to Egypt than ancient pharohs and pyramids. Try one of these novels and mysteries set in the 20th and 21st centuries.
Out of Africa
Africa may be across the ocean but the culture, climate, and stories of Africa can be brought into your home with these fiction and nonfiction titles.
Passages to India
Embracing the richness of Indian culture, these novels explore family bonds, tradition, and identity. Whether they are set in Bombay or New Jersey, these books evoke the colors and flavors of the subcontinent.
Scandinavian Sleuths
In these colder climes, the nights are dark and long and cold as death. But “truth will out.”
Southern Fiction
If you only think of To Kill a Mockingbird or Gone with the Wind when you think of Southern fiction, try one of these newer titles for a fresh look at the South.