African-American Romance
Whether hot and steamy, or playful and romantic, these novels feature men and women of color looking for love and that one special somebody.
Christmas Fiction, Romance, and Mystery
Keep the spirit of Christmas alive year-round by enjoying one of these Christmas stories.
Love Again
Forced apart by circumstances or a misunderstanding, the characters in the following books rediscover each other, often finding that it’s much better the second time around.
Love Bites: Vampire Romance
Sink your teeth into these love stories with a sharper edge.
Love on the Range
Saddle up and swoon with one of these romances set in the American West.
Medieval Fiction and Romance
The medieval period of 500-1450 A.D. is brought to life in these historical novels set mostly in Europe and Great Britain. Tales of the Crusades, kingdoms, Vikings, knights, and more are bound in these pages.
Nicholas Sparks Readalikes
Known for his heartwarming and gentle novels of love and loss, Sparks always leaves readers wanting more. To read other tales about the power of love, try these titles.
Paranormal Romance
Love comes in many forms, literally! In these tales, characters fall in love with shape-shifters, witches, werewolves, and ghosts.
Regency Redux
The highly structured society of Jane Austen’s England, 1811-1820, is the setting for these witty novels of manners and social consequence written by contemporary authors.
Romantic Memoirs
Finding true love is rarely easy, but the rewards are usually worth it. These recent memoirs show how women and a few men have experienced the joys and pains of modern romance.
Romantic Suspense
Suspense is the catalyst, bringing together a resourceful heroine and a hero. Get your heart pounding with these romantic suspense titles.
Susan Elizabeth Phillips Readalikes
Susan Elizabeth Phillips writes sexy, contemporary romances full of quirky humor, relatable characters, and heart-tugging emotion. While there is no one quite like SEP, these books capture some of her charm.
Time Travel
What if something happened and you found yourself in first century Byzantium, Montana in the 1880s, or New York City in the year 3046?  How would you cope and, more to the point, how would you get back?  Enjoy these science fiction, fiction, and romance tales of time travel.
Zane Readalikes
If you enjoy the novels of Zane, these exceptional authors also keep the intrigue, intensity, and sensuality sizzling.