Questions of Faith

These novels contain a strong element of spiritual quest.  There may be a loss or a rebirth of faith, a struggle to reconcile lifestyle or events with one’s faith, or the pursuit of spirituality beyond the boundaries of organized religion.  All of these titles are located in the Adult Fiction section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Adams, Douglas. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 1979. (Adult Science Fiction ADA).
     Also available: CD, eBook, eAudiobook, Digital Player

Alcala, Kathleen. Spirits of the Ordinary. 1997.

Anaya, Rudolfo A. Bless Me, Ultima.
     Also available: eAudiobook

Appel, Allan. High Holiday Sutra. 1997.

Bedford, Deborah. Remember Me. 2005.

Blish, James. A Case of Conscience. 1958. (Adult Science Fiction BLI).

Bradley, Don. Angels in a Harsh World. 1998.

Brady, Joan. God on a Harley: A Spiritual Fable. 1995.

Bunn, T. Davis and Janette Oke. The Damascus Way. 2011.

Caldwell, Taylor. Great Lion of God. 1970.

Ghose, Sagarika. Blind Faith. 2008.

Goldstein, Rebecca. 36 Arguments for the Existence of God. 2010.

Greene, Graham. The End of the Affair. 1951.

Griggs, Vanessa Davis. Redeeming Waters. 2011.

Guterson, David. Our Lady of the Forest. 2003.

Hallowell, Janis. The Annunciation of Francesca Dunn. 2004.
     Also available: CD

Henderson, Dee. The Truth Seeker. 2001. (Adult Romance HEN).

Hesse, Hermann. Siddhartha. 1951.
     Also available: CD

Hijuelos, Oscar. Mr. Ives’ Christmas. 1995.

Hollon, Frank Turner. The God File. 2002.

Hynd, Noel. Hostage in Havana. 2011.

Kerney, Kelly A. Born Again. 2006.

Kiernan, Kristy. Matters of Faith. 2008.

Krich, Rochelle Majer. Speak No Evil. 1996. (Adult Mystery KRI).

Lester, Julius. The Autobiography of God. 2004.

Lewis, Beverly. The Shunning. 1997.

L’Heureux, John. The Miracle. 2002.

Maine, David. The Preservationist. 2004.

Martel, Yann. Life of Pi. 2001.
     Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook, Digital Player

Paton Walsh, Jill. Knowledge of Angels. 1994.

Picoult, Jodi. Keeping Faith. 1999.
     Also available: Large Type, CD

Potok, Chaim. The Chosen. 1967.
     Also available: CD

Prose, Francine. Household Saints. 1981.

Rubart, James L. Rooms. 2010.

Russell, Mary Doria. The Sparrow. 1996. (Adult Science Fiction RUS).

Shaw, George Bernard. The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search for God. 1932.

Stracher, Cameron. The Laws of Return. 1996.

Vaughn, Ellen Santilli. The Strand. 1997.

Williamson, Penelope. The Outsider. 1996. (Adult Romance WIL).
     Also available: Large Type