Medieval Mysteries

It was a time of political strife, when pilgrims, highwaymen, and peddlers fearfully trod the roads of Europe. Join these medieval sleuths, whether they be actor, monk, or a representative of a nobleman, in ferreting out villains of the Middle Ages and Early Renaissance period. All of these titles are located in the Adult Mystery section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Ash, Maureen. Alehouse Murders. 2007.
    Other titles in the Templar Knight series:
        Death of a Squire. 2008.
        A Plague of Poison. 2009.
        Murder for Christ’s Mass. 2009.
        Shroud of Dishonour. 2010.
        A Deadly Penance. 2011.

Benson, Ann. The Physician’s Tale. 2006. (Adult Fiction BEN).

Clare, Alys. Out of the Dawn Light. 2009.
    Other titles in the Aelf Fen series:
        Mist Over the Water. 2009.
        Music of the Distant Stars. 2011.
        Way Between the Worlds. 2011.
        Land of the Silver Dragon. 2013.

Clare, Alys. Fortune Like the Moon. 1999.
    Other titles in the Hawkenlye series:
        Ashes of the Elements. 2000.
        The Tavern in the Morning. 2000.
        The Chatter of the Maidens. 2003.
        The Faithful Dead. 2003.
        A Dark Night Hidden. 2004.
        Whiter than the Lily. 2005.
        Girl in a Red Tunic. 2006.
        Heart of Ice. 2007.
        The Enchanter’s Forest. 2008.
        The Paths of the Air. 2008.
        The Joys of My Life. 2008.
        Rose of the World. 2011.
        The Song of the Nightingale. 2012.

Clark, Cassandra. Hangman Blind. 2008.
    Other titles in the Abbess of Meaux series:
        The Red Velvet Turnshoe. 2009. Also available: Large Type
        The Law of Angels. 2011.
        A Parliament of Spies. 2012.

Doherty, P.C. An Ancient Evil. 1995.
    Other titles in the Canterbury Tales series:
        A Tapestry of Murders. 1996.
        A Tournament of Murders. 1996.
        Ghostly Murders. 1997.
        The Hangman’s Hymn. 2001.
        A Haunt of Murder. 2002.
        The Midnight Man. 2012.

Doherty, P.C. The Death of a King: A Medieval Mystery. 1985.

Doherty, P.C. Satan in St. Mary’s. 1996.
    Other titles in the Hugh Corbett series:
        The Crown in the Darkness. 1988.
        Spy in the Chancery. 1989.
        The Angel of Death. 1990.
        The Prince of Darkness. 1992.
        Murder Wears a Cowl. 1994.
        The Assassin in the Greenwood. 1994.
        The Song of a Dark Angel. 1994.
        Satan's Fire. 1995.
        The Devil’s Hunt. 1996.
        The Demon Archer. 1999.
        The Treason of the Ghosts. 2001.
        Corpse Candle. 2001.
        The Magician’s Death. 2009.
        The Waxman Murders. 2006.
        Nightshade. 2008.
        The Mysterium. 2012.

Doherty, P.C. The Templar. 2007.
    Other titles in the Templar series:
        The Templar Magician. 2009.

Doherty, P.C. The Whyte Hart. 1988.
    Other titles in the Matthew Jenkins series:
        The Serpent Amongst the Lilies. 1990.

Eco, Umberto. The Name of the Rose. 1983. (Adult Fiction ECO).
     Also available: Large Type

Eyre, Elizabeth.Death of the Duchess. 1992.
    Other titles in the Sigismondo series:
        Curtains for the Cardinal. 1996.
        Poison for the Prince. 1996.
        Bravo for the Bride. 1995.
        Axe for an Abbot. 1996.
        Dirge for a Doge. 1997.

Franklin, Ariana. Mistress of the Art of Death. 2007.
     Also available: Large Type, CD
    Other titles in the Mistress of the Art of Death series:
        The Serpent’s Tale. 2008. Also available: Large Type, CD
        Grave Goods. 2009. Also available: Large Type, CD
        A Murderous Procession. 2010. Also available: Large Type, CD

Frazer, Margaret. A Play of Isaac. 2004.
    Other titles in the Simon Joliffe series:
        A Play of Dux Moraud. 2005.
        A Play of Knaves. 2006.
        A Play of Lords. 2007.
        A Play of Treachery. 2009.
        A Play of Piety. 2010.
        A Play of Heresy. 2011.

Frazer, Margaret. The Novice's Tale. 1992.
    Other titles in the Dame Frevisse series:
        The Servant's Tale. 1993.
        The Outlaw’s Tale. 1994.
        The Bishop’s Tale. 1995.
        The Boy's Tale. 1995.
        The Murderer’s Tale. 1996.
        The Prioress’ Tale. 1997.
        The Maiden’s Tale. 1998.
        The Reeve’s Tale. 1999.
        The Squire’s Tale. 2000.
        The Clerk’s Tale. 2002.
        The Bastard’s Tale. 2003.
        The Hunter’s Tale. 2004.
        The Widow’s Tale. 2004.
        The Sempster’s Tale. 2006.
        The Traitor’s Tale. 2007.
        The Apostate’s Tale. 2007.

Gellis, Roberta. A Mortal Bane. 1999.
    Other titles in the Magdalen la Batarde series:
        A Personal Devil. 2001.
        Bone of Contention. 2002.
        Chains of Folly. 2006.

Grace, C. L. A Shrine of Murders. 1993.
    Other titles in the Canterbury Tales of Katherine Swinbrooke series:
        The Eye of God. 1994.
        The Merchant of Death. 1995.
        Book of Shadows. 1996.
        Saintly Murders. 2001.
        Maze of Murders. 2003.
        Feast of Poisons. 2004.

Gordon, Alan. Thirteenth Night. 1999.
    Other titles in the Fools Guild Medieval series:
        Jester Leaps In: A Medieval Mystery. 2000.
        A Death in the Venetian Quarter. 2001.
        The Widow of Jerusalem. 2003.
        An Antic Disposition. 2004.
        The Lark’s Lament. 2007.
        The Moneylender of Toulouse. 2008.
        The Parisian Prodigal. 2010.

Greenberg, Martin H. and John Helfers, eds. Murder Most Medieval: Noble Tales of Ignoble. 2000. (Adult Mystery  808.83872 M).

Gregory, Susannah. A Plague on Both Your Houses. 1996.
    Other titles in the Chronicles of Matthew Bartholomew series:
        An Unholy Alliance. 1996.
        A Bone of Contention. 1997.
        A Deadly Brew. 1998.
        A Wicked Deed. 1999.
        A Masterly Murder. 2000.
        An Order for Death. 2001.
        A Summer of Discontent. 2002.
        A Killer in Winter. 2003.
        The Hand of Justice. 2004.
        The Mark of a Murderer. 2005.
        The Tarnished Chalice. 2006.
        To Kill or Cure. 2007.
        The Devil’s Disciples. 2008.
        A Vein of Deceit. 2009.
        The Killer of Pilgrims. 2010.
        Mystery in the Minster. 2011.

Gross, Claudia. Scholarium. 2004.

Harding, Paul. The Nightingale Gallery. 1991.
    Other titles in the Brother Athelstan series:
        Red Slayer. 1992.
        Murder Most Holy. 1992.
        The Anger of God. 1993.
        By Murder’s Bright Light. 1994.
        The House of Crows. 1995.
        The Assassin’s Riddle. 1996.
        The Devil’s Domain. 1998.
        The Field of Blood. 1999.
        The House of Shadows. 2003.
        Bloodstone. 2012. (Adult Mystery DOH).

Harrison, Cora. My Lady Judge. 2008.
    Other titles in the Burren series:
        A Secret and Unlawful Killing. 2008.
        The Sting of Justice. 2009.
        Writ in Stone. 2009.
        Eye of the Law. 2010.
        Scales of Retribution. 2011.
        Deed of Murder. 2012.

Hays, Tony. Killing Way. 2009.
    Other titles in the Arthurian series:
        The Divine Sacrifice. 2010.
        The Beloved Dead. 2011.
        The Stolen Bride. 2012.

Healey, Judith Koll. The Canterbury Papers. 2004.

Healey, Judith Koll. The Rebel Princess. 2009.

Holman, Sheri. A Stolen Tongue. 1997. (Adult Fiction HOL).

Jecks, Michael. The Last Templar. 1995.
    Other titles in the Medieval West Country series:
        The Merchant’s Partner. 1995.
        The Moorland Hanging. 1996.
        The Credition Killings. 1997.
        The Abbot’s Gibbet. 1998.
        The Leper’s Return. 1998.
        Squire Throwleigh’s Heir. 1999.
        Belladonna at Bellstone. 1999.
        The Traitor of St. Giles. 2000.
        The Boy-Bishop’s Glovemaker. 2000.
        The Tournament of Blood. 2001.
        The Sticklepath Strangler. 2001.
        The Devil’s Acolyte. 2002.
        The Mad Monk of Gidleigh. 2002.
        The Templar’s Penance. 2003.
        The Outlaws of Ennor. 2003.
        The Tolls of Death. 2004.
        The Chapel of Bones. 2004.
        The Butcher of St. Peter’s. 2005.
        A Friar’s Blood Feud. 2005.
        The Death Ship of Dartmouth. 2006.
        The Malice of Unnatural Death. 2006.
        Dispensation of Death. 2007.
        The Templar, the Queen and Her Lover. 2007.
        The Prophecy of Death. 2008.
        The King of Thieves. 2008.
        No Law in the Land. 2009.
        The Bishop Must Die. 2009.
        The Oath. 2010.
        King’s Gold. 2011.
        City of Fiends. 2012.

Knight, Bernard. The Sanctuary Seeker. 1998.
    Other titles in the Crowner John series:
        The Poisoned Chalice. 1998.
        Crowner’s Quest. 1999.
        The Awful Secret. 2000.
        The Tinner’s Corpse. 2001.
        The Grim Reaper. 2002.
        Fear in the Forest. 2003.
        The Witch Hunter. 2004.
        Figure of Hate. 2005.
        The Elixir of Death. 2006.
        The Noble Outlaw. 2007. Also available: eAudiobook
        The Manor of Death. 2008.
        Crowner Royal. 2009. Also available: eAudiobook
        A Plague of Heretics. 2010.

Leoni, Giulio. The Mosaic Crimes. 2006.

Maitland, Karen. Company of Liars. 2008. (Adult Fiction MAI).
     Also available: CD

Marston, Edward. The Wolves of Savernake. 1993.
    Other titles in the Domesday series:
        The Ravens of Blackwater. 1994.
        The Dragons of Archenfield. 1995.
        The Lions of the North. 1996.
        The Serpents of Harbledown. 1996.
        The Stallions of Woodstock. 1997.
        The Hawks of Delamare. 1998.
        The Wildcats of Exeter. 1998.
        The Foxes of Warwick. 1999.
        The Owls of Gloucester. 2000.
        The Elephants of Norwich. 2000.

McIntosh, Pat. The Harper’s Quine. 2004.
    Other titles in the Gil Cunningham series:
        The Nicholas Feast. 2005.
        The Merchant’s Mark. 2006.
        St. Mungo’s Robin. 2007.
        The Rough Collier. 2008.
        The Stolen Voice. 2009.
        The Pig of Cold Poison. 2010.
        Counterfeit Madam. 2011.

Medieval Murderers, The. Hill of Bones: A Historical Mystery. 2012.
(Adult Mystery  808.83872 K).
     Available: eAudiobook

Medieval Murderers, The. King Arthur’s Bones: A Historical Mystery. 2009.
(Adult Mystery  808.83872 K).

Medieval Murderers, The. The Lost Prophecies: A Historical Mystery. 2011.
     Available: eAudiobook

Medieval Murderers, The. Sacred Stone: A Historical Mystery. 2011.
     Available: eAudiobook

Medieval Murderers, The. The Tainted Relic: An Historical Mystery. 2005.
(Adult Mystery  808.83872 T).
     Also available: eAudiobook

Moore, Viviane. The White Path. 2002.

Morgan, Philippa. Chaucer and the House of Fame. 2004.
    Other titles in the Chaucer series:
        Chaucer and the Legend of Good Women. 2005.
        Chaucer and the Doctor of Physic. 2006.

Morson, Ian. Falconer's Crusade. 1994.
    Other titles in the Domesday series:
        Falconer's Judgement. 1995.
        Falconer and the Face of God. 1996.
        A Psalm for Falconer. 1997.
        Falconer and the Great Beast. 1998.
        Falconer and the Ritual of Death. 2009.
        Falconer’s Trial. 2009.
        Falconer and the Death of Kings. 2011.

Newman, Sharan. Death Comes As Epiphany. 1993.
    Other titles in the Catharine LeVendeur series:
        The Devil's Door. 1994.
        The Wandering Arm. 1995.
        Strong as Death. 1996.
        Cursed in the Blood. 1998.
        The Difficult Saint. 1999.
        To Wear the White Cloak. 2000.
        Heresy. 2002.
        The Outcast Dove. 2003.
        The Witch in the Well. 2004.

Parris, S. J. Sacrilege: A Thriller. 2012. (Adult Fiction PAR).
     Also available: CD

Penman, Sharon Kay. The Queen's Man. 1996.
    Other titles in the Justin de Quincy series:
        Cruel as the Grave. 1998.
        Dragon’s Lair. 2003.
        Prince of Darkness. 2005.

Peters, Ellis. A Morbid Taste for Bones. 1977.
     Also available: Large Type
    Other titles in the Brother Cadfael series:
        One Corpse Too Many. 1980.
        Monk’s-Hood. 1980.
        St. Peter’s Fair. 1981.
        The Leper of Saint Giles. 1981.
        Virgin in the Ice. 1982.
        Sanctuary Sparrow. 1983. Also available: Large Type
        The Devil's Novice. 1983.
        Dead Man’s Ransom. 1984.
        Pilgrim of Hate. 1984.
        An Excellent Mystery. 1985.
        Raven in the Foregate. 1986.
        Rose Rent. 1986. Also available: Large Type
        The Hermit of Eyton Forest. 1988.
        The Confession of Brother Haluin. 1988.
        A Rare Benedictine. 1988.
        The Heretic’s Apprentice. 1990.
        Potter’s Field. 1990.
        The Summer of the Danes. 1991.
        The Holy Thief. 1992.
        Brother Cadfael’s Penance. 1994. Also available: Large Type

Robb, Candace. The Apothecary Rose. 1993.
    Other titles in the Owen Archer series:
        The Lady Chapel. 1994.
        The Nun’s Tale. 1995.
        The King’s Bishop. 1996.
        The Riddle of St. Leonard's. 1997.
        A Gift of Sanctuary. 1998.
        A Spy for the Redeemer. 1999.
        The Cross-Legged Knight. 2002.
        The Guilt of Innocents. 2008.
        A Vigil of Spies. 2009.

Robb, Candace. A Trust Betrayed. 2001.
     Also available: Large Type
    Other titles in the Dame Margaret Kerr series:
        The Fire in the Flint. 2004.
        A Cruel Courtship. 2006.

Roe, Caroline. Remedy for Treason. 1998.
    Other titles in the Chronicles of Isaac of Gerona series:
        Cure for a Charlatan. 1999.
        An Antidote for Avarice. 1999.
        Solace for a Sinner. 2000.
        A Potion for a Widow. 2001.
        Draught for a Dead Man. 2002.
        Poultice for a Healer. 2003.
        Consolation for an Exile. 2004.

Royal, Priscilla. Wine of Violence. 2003.
     Also available: Large Type
    Other titles in the Eleanor, Prioress of Tyndal series:
        Tyrant of the Mind. 2004.
        Sorrow Without End. 2006.
        Justice for the Damned. 2007.
        Forsaken Soul. 2008.
        Chambers of Death. 2009.
        Valley of Dry Bones: A Medieval Mystery. 2010.
        A Killing Season: A Medieval Mystery. 2011.
        Covenant with Hell. 2013.

Sedley, Kate. Death and the Chapman. 1991.
    Other titles in the Roger the Chapman series:
        The Plymouth Cloak. 1992.
        The Weaver's Tale. 1994.
        The Holy Innocents. 1995.
        The Eve of Saint Hyacinth. 1996.
        The Wicked Winter. 1996.
        The Brothers of Glastonbury. 1997.
        The Weaver’s Inheritance. 1998.
        The Saint John’s Fern. 1999.
        The Goldsmith’s Daughter. 2001.
        The Lammas Feast. 2002.
        Nine Men Dancing. 2003.
        The Midsummer Rose. 2004.
        The Burgundian’s Tale. 2005.
        The Prodigal Son. 2006.
        The Three Kings of Cologne. 2007.
        The Green Man. 2008.
        The Dance of Death. 2009.
        Wheel of Fate. 2010.
        The Midsummer Crown. 2011.
        The Tintern Treasure. 2012.
        The Christmas Wassail. 2013.

Tremayne, Peter. Absolution By Murder. 1994.
    Other titles in the Sister Fidelma of Cashel series:
        Shroud for the Archbishop. 1995.
        Suffer Little Children. 1997.
        The Subtle Serpent. 1998.
        The Spider’s Web. 1998.
        Valley of the Shadow. 1998.
        The Monk Who Vanished. 1999.
        Act of Mercy. 1999.
        Hemlock at Vespers: Fifteen Sister Fidelma Mysteries. 2000.
        Our Lady of Darkness. 2000.
        Smoke in the Wind. 2005.
        The Haunted Abbot. 2002.
        Badger’s Moon. 2003.
        The Leper’s Bell. 2004.
        Whispers of the Dead. 2005.
        Master of Souls. 2006.
        A Prayer for the Damned. 2006.
        Dancing with Demons. 2007.
        Council of the Cursed. 2009.
        The Dove of Death. 2009.
        Chalice of Blood. 2010.
        Behold a Pale Horse. 2012.
        The Seventh Trumpet. 2013.

Unsworth, Barry. Morality Play. 1995. (Adult Fiction UNS)

Westerson, Jeri. Veil of Lies. 2008.
    Other titles in the Crispin Guest Medieval Noir series:
        Serpent in the Thorns. 2009.
        The Demon’s Parchment. 2010. Also available: Large Type
        Troubled Bones: A Crispin Guest Medieval Noir. 2011.
        Blood Lance. 2012.
        Shadow of the Alchemist. 2013.