Tips for Searching the Skokie Public Library Website

To find specific pages or information on the Skokie Public Library website, enter words to describe what you are looking for in the search box. The Atomz search engine will automatically search for your search terms in the entire website unless you specify a particular section of the site to search from the multi-colored list of sections below the search box.

Do not enter:

  • Book, video, or music titles or authors. If you would like to find out if Skokie Public Library has a particular book, video, CD, or book on tape, use the Library catalog.
  • Web addresses. If you would like to go to a particular website and have a web address (for example:, enter the address in the Address bar near the top of your Internet browser screen.
  • Reference questions. If you would like an answer to a reference question (for example: What are the birth and death dates for Beatrix Potter?), go to the Ask a Librarian for Information page.
  • Questions about the Library or Library programs. To find out about upcoming events at Skokie Public Library (for example: when is the next Teen Book Discussion being held?), go to the Events & Programs section of the site.

If your search results are not what you expected, try the following:

  • Check your spelling. If your search returned too few or no results, check to see that you spelled your search terms correctly. You can also check the box next to “Sound-Alike Matching” and the search engine will attempt to find words that sound similar to your terms.
  • Use multiple words. If your search returned too many results, add more words to your search to provide a smaller, more specific list of results.
         For example, search for: kids calendar activities events
         Instead of: calendar
  • Use similar words. Include synonyms of your search terms to increase the chances of finding what you want on the Skokie Public Library website.
         For example, search for: movies videos films DVDs
         Instead of: movies
  • Use fewer words. If your search has returned no (or very few) results, take out some of the search terms you’ve included.
         For example, search for: teen book discussion
         Instead of: when is the next teen book discussion
  • Use appropriate capitalization. The Atomz search engine used here will search for words with capital letters. Make sure that if you are searching for a person’s name that you capitalize the letters of their names.
         For example, search for: Carolyn Anthony
         Instead of: carolyn anthony
  • Use quotation marks for phrases. To narrow your search, enclose phrases in quotation marks.
         For example, search for: "Niles West High School"
         Instead of: niles west
  • Use a wildcard (*) character to expand your search. To search for alternate spellings or plurals, add an asterisk to the end of a search term.
         For example, search for: magazine*
         Instead of: magazines, magazine