Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 1999
Marcelo De Biasi
East Prairie School, Grade 8

This Man

 One man to decide the fate of six million.

One man able to tear away a lover's embrace,

a child's life,

and the future of men and women.

One heartless and strong enough to make his own men,

shed the life of innocent people.

One man played with the destiny of others,

left children without mothers,

and husbands without wives,

and left scattered pieces of misery in Europe.

The children that once played and laughed,

starved and died.

The children that would have grown to have babies

and families of their own

were left without their own families.

This man who offered no explanation for his actions,

was responsible for six million deaths.

He was not able to repay, not even one,

not even with his own cold death.