Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 1999
Christine Joy Drachenberg
Niles West High School, Grade 11

Out Tonight

There is a child out tonight
That is very afraid.
She is clutching her knees,
Hiding from an abusive dad.
Her only friend is her teddy.
Otherwise she is alone.
She is very alone.

There is a young man out tonight,
That can't see straight.
He tried to make his problems,
Disappear with a pack and a bottle.
His life is so rough,
That he doesn't care.
He just doesn't care.

There is a girl out tonight,
That's far from home.
She's far from innocence.
With no emotion she wanders,
After a void that's not been filled.
It can't be filled.
It won't be filled.

There is a dad out tonight,
That can't pay the bills.
He doesn't understand his kids.
He can't love anymore
He's forgotten hope,
And he despairs.
He is in utter despair.

There is an old woman out tonight,
Who has no money.
She has no family.
She has no way of helping herself,
And has lost her dignity and respect.
She's been forgotten.
She's been forgotten.

There is a saint out tonight,
Helping the hurting.
Caring for the dying.
Doing the best he can,
With what little he has,
Petitioning the Father.
He petitions the Father.

But, there also is a God out tonight, 
And His hearts breaks for a people,
Who know hurt, and pain.
He does understand,
So He points to His son,
Who died for them.
Yes He died for them.