Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2000
Lindsay Handler
Niles North High School, Grade 11

The Lady of Darkness

The lady of darkness
covers the sky at night.

Slowly at first,
then quicker and quicker.

Taking her paint brushes
of purples and blues,

the lady of darkness
paints a memorable picture.
Each one special,
each one different.

She strings the shimmering, shining stars
into the sky
as she would a diamond necklace.

The lady of darkness
steps back to
admire her masterpiece
She is satisfied.

For as she completes her night time mural,
it is disassembled.
As the rays of sunlight
seep through her painting.

"Another night is over,"
she thinks, "time to go to sleep."

So the lady of darkness retreats
to lie down on her bed of clouds
until it is time to paint again.