Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2000
Jessica Ruth Katz
Sager Solomon Schechter Middle School, Grade 8

Water Child

The moment of the
Dawn of Time
Stone was chisled
Into the fair humans
Clay was potted
Into the varied animals
And the sun bore plant life

But what did the Water bare?
Pooling in the tides and
Spelunking down deep
The water was alone
She soon tired of her gambols

Out of the kelp and coral and
Bright captured sun
The bitter salt and cold depths
Came a girl
Daughter of the vapor

Not wife of Poseidon
Free to the tropics and arctics
Leaper that outbests dolphins
Amphirite daughter of water

Flourishing in the coral beds
Sunning on the sands of time
Patron of pearls
And sea stars
Warrior of the schools
Keeper of the shoal.