Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2000
Jennifer Murphy
Niles North High School, Grade 9

Ancestor's Dance

A girl
walked among the young proud trees
who were just like her.

And began to dance
to a tune
only she could hear.
For it was a tune
the trees sung in whispers.
They formed a special bond with her
for she was a descendant
of the Celts
and she held their blood within her veins.

Gracefully and slowly
she moved between the trees,
like the eternal wind
there yet not there
shifty and light
in a dress of white.

Her pale arms
moved like a pair of doves
arching, flying, but meeting once again.
Her feet took her along
with small dainty steps
and many twists and turns.

The girl lost herself in the glen of forests
for her heritage had flown freely
within her mind.
And now she had learned
who she really was inside her soul.