Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2001
Anila Bindal
Niles North High School, Grade 12


The clock ticks loudly, swiftly,
With recollections of a time past.
The reminiscence of intangible events,
Uncontrollable time slipped from the fingers.

Recollections of a time past
That seemed so everlasting then.
Uncontrollable time slipped from the fingers
That I now long would return.

Seemed so everlasting then,
With smiles carved in stone.
I now long for its return
But just a distant dream.

With smiles carved in stone,
Tomorrow’s new discoveries
Just a distant dream
But believe the unreasonable miracles.

Tomorrow’s new discoveries,
Soon the reminiscence of intangible events,
Believe the unreasonable miracles
As the clock ticks.