Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2001
Margo Chervony
Niles West High School, Grade 9


walk into the alley
look into his eyes
they are embers
searing right into your soul
he instantaneously comprehends
your need for an open window
his fiery gaze strips you
of all but your desires
break in his embrace
swoon at his touch
fall into his kiss
and it is sweet

watch your enemies crumble
feel their pain
and you laugh

road unending
you become weary
your head swells with sorrow
as your kin
your friends
disintegrate as well
and you walk onward

and he is still there
and it is still sweet
for him to slowly
destroy you
melt in his eyes
vulnerable to every move he makes
limbs shackled together
bound to the bed
and you don’t care