Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2001
Aviva Farkas
Hillel Torah, Grade 8

Glass and Stone

Cornflakes crunching
Semi sweet
Thoughts of going back to sleep
Hearing the impossible
I can’t believe
Much too sudden
For me to grieve
Listening in classes
A fuzzy daze
Beautiful buildings
Of stone and glass
Had become rubble
A smoky haze
Sitting at my
Dull gray desk
Spine chaffing
Against a plastic chair
And still it is
I can’t believe
That there is any
Cause to grieve
I see the teacher
Standing there
Dark brown eyes
Begin to tear
Misty glasses
Shaking shivering
Standing there
My sister could be dead
She said
My sister could be dead
Slap in the face
Shrill awakening
From a peaceful sleep
A lump arises in my throat
Had been in those buildings
Of glass and stone
Who had families
And friends
Who went to their jobs
Day after day
And never supposed
That they
Would only enter
The monolith
Where they worked
Never to come
Finally I can believe
That I need very much
To grieve