Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2001
Lindsay Handler
Niles West High School, Grade 12

Shades of Gray

Feel the blood
Agonize its pain
People can be cruel,
Merciless and vain

Hide the truth,
Shield their eyes.
What’s a relationship these days
Without perjury and lies?

Eyes that see nothing
Except shades of gray.
Feel your world diminish
As it starts to fray.

On the battlefields
Be a man - stand proud and tall.
Take the enemy out
And refuse to fall.

Look at all the models –
The perfect way to be,
But the anorexic aftermath
Is what you’ll never see.

The person I used to love,
I used to call my own,
But he ran off with some hooker
- A girl he hadn't known.

Too many varied shades of gray.
Maybe someone will try to find
A glimmer of hope for the future
Or maybe what has become of all these wasted

The sixteen-year-old mothers
Whose babies were born on crack,
Do they know how to raise a kid
Or will someone always have their back?

Everyone’s eyes
Simply blind to sight,
The whole damn would
Thrust into artificial night.

Turbulent future,
Turbulent past.
America’s morals
Are fading fast.

These shades of gray
They are only found
When we look
On common ground.

Look for rainbows
- The light of a new day.
But the only colors
Are the shades of gray.