Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2001
Chris Higuera
Niles West High School, Grade 11

To Find What Once Was Lost

Today, I left my body
To find what once was lost
To find the riches that soothe my soul
To unite my mind and my spirit
To restore all faith in mankind

I step onward and heed no advice
I listen to what I only have to say
I lean forward for this quest of glory
I strive to be what others wish to be
I take this path…alone

This rock encumbers my path…I climb over it
This fallen tree crosses my path…I climb over it
This wind slows my path…I push around it
This dark blinds my path…I cut through it
This man dies on my path…I ignore it

There is nowhere left to go
There is nobody to help me back
There is only the cool breeze behind me
There I turn to find what was lost in humanity
There I see that I have only lost myself