Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2002
Avi Cohen-McClelland
Sager Solomon Schechter Middle School, grade 7

Ruby Red Parsley

We were happy and depressed
When we shared that pint
Of double chocolate mocha
Covered in diamonds
With a neon pink African elephant
Like Rosh Hashannah in December
Watching a black pug eat ruby red parsley
Sitting in a golden sliver of sparkling moonlight
Her bubble gum tongue hanging out


Avi's poem appears in the April 2003 issue of VOYA magazine.  It was one of five winning poems in VOYA's national teen poetry contest.  Judges of the contest stated "The trick to writing good poetry is saying something completely new, or taking a familiar subject and expressing it in a way that no one else has, giving it a new twist.  ... Taking a commonplace theme ... and making it come alive with vivid imagery is a true talent."