Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2003
Israel Moskovits
Northeastern Illinois University, freshman


Snowflakes falling gracefully, Descending to the ground,
They fall upon our humble earth, Not making any sound.

The snowflakes are just visitors, Falling from above,
Their unity is a substance, That so many children love.

They all are very different, And it makes an exciting game,
To compare the different kinds of flakes, No two are the same.

They cover all the land and then, They melt to liquid blue,
Precipitation brings them up, And they fall back down anew.

I’ve thought of snow occasionally, And I noticed one strange thing,
The snowflake is a creation, Much like a human being.

People come from up deep within, A mother full of care,
We come as visitors to this earth, All is ours to share.

We are different in every way, From our dress to how we speak,
Everything about us is different, We all are so unique.

But when stick together, Every day and every hour,
We bind into a mystical force, An everlasting power

Some die and then some are born, That’s how the cycle goes,
But our world progress on and on, Our humble planet grows.

So look next time its snowing, If you believe what I’ve said is true,
You’ll see how you are like the snowflake, And it is much like you.