Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2003
Kathryn E. Peyer
Homeschooled, grade 10

When I Loved a Star

We two are night-crossed lovers,
Sirius and I
barred by uncrossable depths and pits of cold
and nothingness
all set by his jealous guard,
the proud and brilliant Mistress Moon.
We see each other but once a night
and then it is only to gaze...
Ah, Sirius!
How breathtaking you are –
Dazzling all who see you as you are stationed among the heavens,
Surrounded by your kin.
Relentlessly you shine
winking on occasion to hold back
the tears of frustration that well inside me, too.
Sometimes it is too much to bear
and you hide behind the clouds for days on end –
leaving me to my own misery.
Oh that I could borrow Jacob’s Ladder
And ascend to follow the angels to your celestial dwelling…
Under these night skies, you are my brilliant quardian.
Dear Sirius,
I shall love you until the day I die and beyond
For then I will reside with you in your glorious place in the heavens;
Oh Sirius, sweet Sirius!
Until that day, my love will remain Forever –
Unwavering –
as steady as your brilliant light in the North.