Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2003
Kim Stephens
East Prairie School, grade 8

Missing Homework

I don’t know what I’m going to tell my teacher
Because I didn’t get my homework done.
Hey I couldn’t help it, I was having fun.

Oops! I didn’t get my report card signed,
I hope my teacher doesn’t mind,
Oh no! I forgot to finish my map of Kentucky,
If my teacher is sick, I’ll sure be lucky.

Perfect, the bus is pulling up to school
And I don’t have my homework,
I feel like a fool.
Gosh that bus ride was fast.

I guess I wanted it to last,
Great I’m sitting in my classroom now,
When my teacher finds out my homework isn’t done,
She’s going to have a cow.

All of a sudden I realized
Why everyone was mute.
There stood a lady I did not recognize.
A smiling substitute.