Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2004
Amitai Loew
Arie Crown Hebrew Day School, grade 7

The Bottom of My Frigidaire

The bottom of my Frigidaire
is really quite a mess,
a crusty lemon rind,
a couple watercress.
I’d really love to clean it,
but I haven’t got the time,
that really dirty Frigidaire,
that Frigidaire of mine.
I saw a chunk of celery,
a couple months ago,
now it’s sort of rotted,
like a giant green toe.
It has some chunks and some dollops,
some potatoes that don’t look so great,
there are also a few pimentos,
oh, that smell I really do hate.
I lost a pencil and some quarters,
and I cannot find them anywhere,
but I get the strangest feeling,
that it has to do with my Frigidaire.