Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2004
Victoria W. Yan
Niles North High School, grade 11

Song of Myself

A child peers into a glistening window,
I am hungry for more yet I am full.
The glistening items beckon me toward them.
I hear their calling, their subtle complaints about the loneliness in the glass cabinets.
I want to save them all; I want to rescue them and fill them with happiness.

A woman walks into the store.
Evidence of wealth can be seen everywhere.
She is the heiress of great fortunes both physical and internal.
She is a socialite; she dines with the cosmos.
With her Amex in her hand, she is the wealthy villain.
I salute you, rogue, but is it really true bliss?

Somehow I find myself within the mall,
Holiday lighting and joy is apparent.
Sometimes I think of the homeless during winter,
I think shiny, pretty things are nice