Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2005
Sadaf Bhai
Lincoln Junior High School, grade 7


The red planet
Or so they say
Who knows, it may be purple someday

Is life on Mars?
Or are there cars?
Or maybe things get better

There was water they say
Or so they say
Just to get excited

They don’t understand
So why do they plan
To visit someplace blindly

There may be people with 100 eyes
But they can’t see the skies
So weird

They might have a thousand legs
But all of them are pegs
So odd

They might call trees peas
They might call bread cheese
Who knows

The might see us
But they don’t make a fuss
To see if there’s life on us

But don’t you think
That when they wink
50 eyes blink

So in conclusion
Here’s the solution
Why guess?
Just find out