Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2005
Pooja Desai
Niles North High School, grade 9

Creature of the Arctic Snow Bed

My lonely heart lay in the icy land
Of pure milky soft smooth twinkling white snow.
My yellow piercing eyes have finally begun to understand
Why the tangle of stars above glow.
I see miles and miles of endless space,
My tail moving left and right
Searching for any living creature’s trace
Among the layer of white.
My hunger is growing as days pass
With no luck of finding any food in this ground.
Or the sight of rich green grass.
My ears hear my howl ring out its sound
As I press my paws deep into the dirt
And my shiny midget nose points due north.
My silver rough fur stood up as if alert
While the stars dim down as dawn comes forth.
The sky starts to change its color to red
As I sprint across my Arctic snow bed.