Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2005
Daniel Kanter
Chicagoland Jewish High School, grade 10


This is for the people who stand alone in the metropolitan area
With free fear and want, living in hysteria
This isn’t some kind of utopia
It’s where the healthy are stricken with pneumonia
They struggle for peace yet fight the war

This is for the people who sleep outside on cold dark nights
No chance is given to fight their frights
Or climb up above the mist which blankets them
Still their eyes never wander from those hopeful days
In which the light dilutes dark’s harmful rays

However long these people wait
For the time the cast’s ripped off their broken bones to heal straight
Time passes and they still look through those shattered glasses
Enough is enough no more from the whip’s lashes
Hope is only an arm length away
Let’s no longer lead these people astray