Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2005
Kathryn Peyer
Homeschooled, grade 12


Make me no promises.
Swear to me nothing.
Grant me no wishes.
Never excite me.
Don’t try to love me.
Attenpt nothing on my behalf.
Give me no comfort.
Never make me laugh.

if there aren’t any promises, then nothing’s ever broken.
if there aren’t any oaths, there are never any curses.
if there aren’t any wishes, nothing ever goes unfulfilled.
if there aren’t any rushes, there’s never any drop.
if you don’t love me, I won’t hurt.
if you don’t attempt, I’ll have no disappointment.
if arms never encircle me, arms will never let me go.
if I never laugh –
                          then I’ll never cry.

the only way to live is not to