Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2006
Monica Milewski
Niles North High School, grade 12

Autumn’s Boundless Dance

grazing and reaching
among the steadfast wind that prickles
swinging branches,

a solid green leaf falls
gracefully, performing its own version
of a symphonic ballet.

at once the brittle
hairs of Mother Earth gently
cradle her child in its crib,

and siblings begin to
whisper the enchanting words of
time’s endless melody.

scarlet- softly alert,
golden- crisp, crumbling away the years
while some both entwined, create

worlds of flat roofs,
a shelter for those crawling underneath
too tiny to form a concrete noise,

yet who know of its serene warmth more than
the shrieking wind, the pounding rain,
and the insensible humans who say nature withers away.