Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2007
Rupal S. Desai
Old Orchard Junior High School, grade 7

Where I'm From

I’m from Abraham Lincoln’s state
From icy winters and
Hot summer nights.

I’m from dancing in the rain.
Whether I’m in my birthplace or,
The other side of the world,
Meeting family in the monsoon.

I’m from the smell of spices,
Mixing on the stove.
From my mom’s spicy, but gorgeous cooking.
Indian food most of the time.

I’m from midnight blue skies and,
Blood red dresses.
The ones with ruffles and puffy sleeves,
Like the ones worn at balls or at the Oscars.
From long diamond earrings,
That I see on peoples ears.
And hairstyles that my hair can not do.

I’m from a life long friend.
A small brown bear with a yellow bow,
From a hospital that no longer exists.

I’m from wanting a small dog.
A wiener dog with a brown wagging tail,
And a pink tongue dangling out of its small mouth.

I’m from imagination.
From pirates to princesses,
And day dreaming that tastes like sweet milk.

I’m from my own world,
In my head,
Thinking and dreaming,
I want to be.

That is where I’m from.