Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2007
Aja Klevs
King Lab Magnet School, grade 8


I will remember you as a square
As thick as you were tall
All muscle
And a diamond earring
Fresh from the streets of Detroit
When you would drum
On your little practice pad
I would stop and listen
And gape at the sight
And you would sweat
Back to origins in Africa
You would call to your ancestors
And they would guide your hands
Into a rhythm of the heartbeat
And there would be an ocean between our countries
If I were to see you on the street first,
Would I check myself?
Would I think you to mean any harm?
As it was, I saw you in the forest
And therefore I saw past your slang
And your sagging pants to your face
A beautiful face
Weathered by experience
And polished by nature
And the ocean between us was drained away
And all that remains
Is our silhouettes looking at each other
And the blur of your wild hands
Always keeping the beat
If I lay my skinny tan arm
Against your thick dark one
Would anyone believe that we were brother and sister?