Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2007
Kara Mui
Niles West High School, grade 9

picturesque (for you)

The sky has been burned
The color of a faded rose, portrayed with longing in
Brushstrokes that have
Long since lost vehemence.
Gleaming snow has covered the
Mountains, smothering them with frost and bitterness.
They reach towards the hidden sun
Lost somewhere in that wide expanse of heavens-not-
Cosmos of above.
The horizon is nonexistent, a deception caught between
Jagged peaks and blushing stars.
Rocks, rivulets of obsidian, have been transformed by the
They carry the blood red sky
Upon their shoulder, pride resonant beneath the oppressing
That teat through the air.
Impending night slides in among the golden-brown-red-
Leaves of the wood, as if ceaselessly
Catching up
With yesteryear.