Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2007
Cindy Pollack
Ida Crown Jewish Academy, grade 12

The Ideal Man

Sometimes you’re the chivalrous gentleman that each girl desires
And other times you’re the primitive man lighting little fires.
Sometimes you’re the dashing prince sweeping me off my feet
And other times you’re the hopeless romantic which is hard to beat.
Then you are the toddler needing guidance, love, and care
After that you are the teenager trying everything you dare.
Next you are the jock standing proud, tall, and strong
Then you are a child, sheepish after doing wrong.
Sometimes the nerd peeks through, though he’s soft, shy, and smart
Then you are the comedian trying to play your part.
Next you are the best friend, caring and listening to every word
Then you are the businessman in a constant busy whir.
Suddenly comes the famous man, basking in the spotlight
Then the soldier protecting me with his strength and might.
I can’t forget the pious man, religious and filled with prayer
And then the sentimental man, as cuddly as a teddy bear.
Then you are the teacher, patient and ready to explain
Next you are the student with so much knowledge yet to gain.
The scientist in you sees me like a complicated theory
And the pondering philosopher can sometimes make me weary.
But when you are the combination of every man above
That is when you truly are the easiest to love.