Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2007
Alex Stavropoulos
East Prairie School, grade 8


From the Greek name Alexandros.
After Alexander the great himself.
To be named after such a powerful man is an honor.
For short, you can call me Alex.
That is hardly a nickname.

I would not change my name for the world.
It is smooth and firm, like stone.
It is sharp and jagged like a diamond.
Alexander is unbreakable.
It is not who I am, but what I am.
It is a cross between my Greek past and the modern world.

Alexander Kyriakos Stavropoulos,
Kyriakos after my great-uncle who has passed away.
Kyriakos is Sunday, the day I was born.
Stavropoulos is my last name.
In Greek, it is the city of the cross.
Every name has a meaning behind it.
My name has so much potential, so much substance.
Why change it?