Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2008
Ramzy Sabbara
King Lab Magnet School, grade 8


There is no superman
There is no batman
No flash or green lantern
Around the corner watching
Your next move. To save you when you
Are in trouble.

But the Green Goblin,
Joker and Dr. Doom,
Are all too real.

What would you do if
Lost all your money?
Can’t buy food
You can’t take provide for your own family
Your pantry was as barren as the
Nuclear bomb test sights.

What would you do if you lost?
Everything you had?
No place to go
Nobody to see

Couldn’t get a job because you did not
Listen to your parents to get a job

What would you do if you were
Drafted to a far away country?
You held your gun blazing away into open space
As bullets rushed into the bodies of young’ins
I mean
Would you tell the innocent civilians what you did and why?

How would you say bye?

Even though there are jokers
And green goblins outside your window
In your neighborhood
At the local Dominick’s.
Standing there waiting
To harm
That doesn’t mean
You can’t stop them.

Hero’s last a second

Villains last forever

Stop them while you can