Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2009
Alissa Burke
Niles North High School, grade 11

Silent World

The winter morning is hushed and dark
With the smoke of scorched fire wood raising from the logs at
Five o’clock am.

The rising sun, on this frigid day, takes it’s time and hides underneath a cloud
And the harsh wind passes through the naked trees, making
The snowflakes fall from their safe nest on a branch.

And twirl in the air and land like leaves
Their long journey has come to an end.

On the frozen ground around my warm brown boots
And fresh animal tracks from the night before;

Are the only signs of life
Besides my slow breathing

On a quiet morning in this still forest,
And then a single bird sings in a nearby tree as

A lonely fox bravely trots into the open.
And looks at me with wonder.