Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2009
Dalyan Kosar
Martin Luther King Jr. Lab School, grade 8


Huge, ginormous, multi-term numbers crumble in your very presence

Their true forms shown from their old facades, revealing only variables or numbers

If you’re good enough, you’re branded a “Steve Urkel”

To others around you, you’re odd, weird, a freak.

And to you, friends are more like imaginary numbers

But meganerds are never far and you can find one anywhere if you just spend the time to look

And don’t worry yourself with bullies

When you become a millionaire you sure won’t care

For now, make your way through the insults of weirdness, do your best, and solve for X

In twenty years it won’t matter but for now

You’re a meganerd and may the force be with you.


Watch a video of Dalyan reading "Meganerd: He'll Save You Too!"