Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2009
Jasmin Montalvo
Martin Luther King Jr. Lab School, grade 8

Just Because

Just because I’m loud
Doesn’t mean I can’t be quiet
Doesn’t mean I’m not a sensitive girl

Just because I laugh a lot and act like
Nothings wrong
Doesn’t mean I’m okay
Doesn’t mean I don’t want help

Just because I’m Mexican
Doesn’t mean I’m gonna get pregnant by
High school
Doesn’t mean that instead of a quinceanera
I’m gonna get a baby shower
Doesn’t mean I got the H1N1

Nadamas porque soy como soy
No se significa que soy mas different que tu
No se significa que me puedes juzgar

Just because I am who I am
Doesn’t mean I’m anymore different than you
Doesn’t mean you can judge me

Just because I have a cool family
Doesn’t mean we don’t have problems
Doesn’t mean we all get along

Just because I don’t always get the best grades
Doesn’t mean I’m not smart
Doesn’t mean I’m not going to graduate high school
Doesn’t mean I’m not going to go to college

Just because I sometimes have nice clothes or nice stuff
Doesn’t mean I’m spoiled
Doesn’t mean I get everything I want

And just so you know soy y siempre sere


Watch a video of Jasmin reading her poem, "Just Because"