Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2010
Lyba Zia
Niles West High School, grade 10

Hush Child

Life is a road of struggles and pain,
and is often black as tar.
Some decide to give up their hopes,
While others journey far.

But child. You are walking,
Alone on this dirty path.
Child, you have been facing
Other’s hateful wrath.

Child, you have lost
What lay close to your heart.
But, child, don’t worry,
In heaven you won’t be apart.

When ever lost
Look at the sky.
Often you may
Need to cry.

But hold your tears
for another day.
Whisper God’s name
And quietly pray.

You’ve spent days being beaten,
Being dragged around.
Those shooting guns will hush down…
You won’t hear a sound.

So sleep child, sleep today…
Tomorrow you may fly.
Hush child, hush today…
Hush, and don’t cry.