Teen Flicks

These movies about teenagers can be found in Skokie Public Library's video collection. 

Ratings are provided in brackets

10 Things I Hate About You  [PG-13]
American Graffiti  [PG]
American Pie  [R]
American Pie 2  [R]
Back to the Future  [PG]
Blackboard Jungle  [Unrated]
Boys and Girls [PG-13]
The Breakfast Club  [PG-13]
Bring It On  [PG]
Can't Hardly Wait  [PG-13]
Center Stage  [PG-13]
Clueless  [PG-13]
Crazy Beautiful  [PG-13]
Crossroads  [PG-13]
Cruel Intentions  [R]
Dazed and Confused  [R]
Dead Poet's Society  [PG]
Dick  [PG-13]
Down to You  [PG-13]
Drive Me Crazy  [PG-13]
Election  [R]
Empire Records  [PG-13]
Fame  [R]
Fast Times at Ridgemont High  [R]
Ferris Bueller's Day Off  [PG-13]
Flirting  [R]
Get Over It  [PG-13]
Here on Earth  [PG-13]
I Know What You Did Last Summer  [R]
Idle Hands  [R]
Legally Blonde  [PG-13]
Loser  [PG-13]
Love and Basketball  [PG-13]
Mr. Holland's Opus  [PG]
Never Been Kissed  [PG-13]
Not Another Teen Movie  [R]
O  [R]
October Sky  [PG]
On the Line  [PG]
Out Cold  [PG-13]
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie  [Unrated]
Pump Up the Volume  [R]
Rebel Without a Cause  [Unrated]
Riding in Cars with Boys  [PG-13]
Risky Business  [R]
Romeo and Juliet  [PG]
Rushmore  [R]
Save the Last Dance  [PG-13]
Say It Isn't So  [R]
She's All That  [PG-13]
Shrek  [PG]
Sixteen Candles  [PG]
The Skull  [PG-13]
Slackers  [R]
Soul Survivors  [R]
To Sir With Love  [Unrated]
The Virgin Suicides  [R]
A Walk to Remember  [PG]
Wargames  [PG]
Weird Science  [PG]
Whatever it Takes [PG-13]